HINGESTIX Thumbs Up (French Grip) Practice Drumsticks

NEW! HINGESTIX Thumbs up (French Grip) drumsticks model for drummers and timpani players.



Introducing the HingeStix Thumbs Up (French Grip) model for drummers and timpani players. With the patented swivel mechanism at the fulcrum, Thumbs Up HingeStix improves and builds:

  • Speed
  • Comfort
  • Finger Rolls
  • Wrist Action and Bounce
  • Smoothness
  • Finger Technique
  • Wrist Technique
  • Free Floating Movement
  • Jazz Ride Cymbal Pattern Thumbs Up

Feel the stick literally bouncing back at you, building muscle memory, so you can transfer that feeling to your regular drumsticks or timpani mallets.